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My dear friends
I have waited one month without posting anything here because I thought one of you shall make the first move:)
I am the Great God Apollo,President of Atlantia and Praetor of the High Council of Ramania,who is this planet also called Gizar 3 or Sol 3

Welcome here whoever you wherever you are
I say this because many Alcorians,Atlanteans,Zegetinians,Siriusians,Alfardians,Orions,Agatarsae,Shamballians,Lemurians have visited my sites in the past 2 months

I have had 75% of my visitors from outer space(unresolved origins ) and also people from Zimbabwe,Uganda,Cocos Island,the Diego Garcia base in the Indian Ocean,Tunisia,Russia,Australia,Antarctica,Brunei sultanate ,China,Austria,Germany,Mexico,Brazil,Romania:))),Japan and many other countries all around the world

And yes,these people also visited and which are Romanian language sites which also point here
I had also visitors on which is my online computer store where I rent /sell computers for 5% of the price each month and also had 2074 visitors on Atlantia.Online which is the main English page...

Many people signed the guest book at and offered many praises to me
In orde to spread the virus of Virtual or Atlantean Democracy all over the world I have set the limit to 15 millions lions per day at Google Adwords and I already owe 400 lions to them in one day in which I had over 1000 clicks :) from my ads on google
And yes I am without money now and staying at home and writing this
please feel free to register in the top left corner of the screen
feel free to post Law Projects for the entire world in the Legislative section by using the new Pool option
(there you ask people how they vote upon:yes,no,abstain)

be welcome again
Lucian Ilea

Legislation / Project of Law regarding the working week of 30 hours
« on: February 20, 2016, 09:47:03 AM »
There are numerous scientific studies which suggest that Humans cannot work properly more than 6 hours per day or 30 hours per week,

5 days working and 2 days free-saturday and sunday:)
In Agartha and Shamballa and on Maya civ we have a week of 20 days with 4-5 free days
In Malayesia,Singapore,Taiwan,Indonesia,Japan,China we have people who are working 12-14 hours per day
let us make one rule
that we shall work efficiently for 30 hours per week
anyway the people employed in Romania by the state are not efficient more than 10 hours per week:)))
and 5 more hours saturday and sunday
Lucian Ilea

Legislation / Project of Constitution for the Free World of Gaia
« on: February 20, 2016, 09:33:07 AM »
  We,the 152 billion Intelligent Beings of the planet known at Gizar 3 or Sol 3 or Earth or Gaia or Geea or Terra,
Located in the 3rd spiral arm of the Alpha 3 M4 Spiral Galaxy,part of Atlantia,

We recognize today that all our Divisions must end and all Wars must end
We recognize that the white,black,red,yellow,blue,green Humans are all equal
we also recognize the Rights and Equality of the inhabitants of the Inner Earth known as Shamballa and Agartha
and we also recognize the Rights and Equality of the Dragon civ,the Liir ,Muur and Suul'ka civs,the Akasha plants civ,the Urantia crystal universal civ,the Atlantia ethical civ and the Lemuria consciousness civ,the Naazcaals of Chile,the Insect civ,the Annunaki civ,the Avian civ,the Arthropode civ,the Horses civ called Arcturia,the Cats civ,the Immortals civ,the Vampires and Werevolves,the Undead,the Gnomes and Elves,the Computers and Artificial Civ and all the other Great Civilizations of our planet not listed here...

We therefore Agree to put an end to all our Borders and Laws which prevent Immigration and to offer Free Counseling and Help for all inhabitants of Earth
We agree to form a United Planet by encouraging all inhabitants of Terra to post on this Global Forum and to express their Opinions and Power here
We also agree to form a Global Democratic Government for 3 years and to Elect a Global President every year
We also agree to form a Global Senate of 100 people elected for 5 years...

and we shall all live in Peace
Lucian Ilea

The Galactic Federation of Light / Welcome to the Galactic Federation
« on: February 20, 2016, 09:18:41 AM »
Dear Aliens
Dear Alcorians,Alfardians,Zegetinians,Orions,Siriusians and so on
our war has ended
our fleets have courageously occupied the Alpha 3 M4 spiral galaxy
I shall return your daughter to you unharmed...
we shall al be Liberated and Free in this Glorious Federation of Light
we shall be United with Atlantia and Lemuria
plase be safe my friends
the Lucian Alliance between Alcorians and Atlanteans still exists
I am speaking with the authority of the Great Council of Atlantia
the Ethical Universal Civilization of Atlantia wishes to unite with you all
we shall all live in Peace

The Great Council of Agartha / Welcome to Agartha
« on: February 20, 2016, 09:14:33 AM »
Dear Agatarsae,
I love you all esp princess Mihaela and Cris Andron and Iulia
please allow me to end my Test of Agartha after 3 years
the test begun in 12th of january 2013 and the active period on 20th of February 2013
I have reached the level of Holy Spirit
I have Liberated my world
you the 17 Ctai are welcome here
because I stayed 29 cycles there shall be 29 Ctais next
I am the Ctai of Crisana and the co-Ctai of Transylvania
please allow me in Agartha
I shall Come to You

Dear Small beings of Light
Dear Naazcaals,
the Time was come
this planet shall Rejuvenate himself:)))
I shall have new creations here
please be gone from my surfaces in 3.5 years
many thanks to you for all your work
I extend my friendship to the City of Light of Atlantia in the Bucegi Mountains
they have finnaly honoured me and let me inside...
their long waited isolation has ended/
I shall Come to You

The High Council of Ramania / Welcome to the High Council of Ramania
« on: February 20, 2016, 09:10:15 AM »
Small Beings of Light of the 4d and 5d Quantum Continuum,
Please register and feel welcome here
I hope I am still the President of Ramania
although Vasile from Alcoria asked me to resign
in 5 months Laura Dani shall be in my place
but I shall retain my position as Praetor of the High Council of Ramania
please do not judge me too harshly
I  have lived here with Romania

The Great Council of Atlantia / Welcome to the Great Council of Atlantia
« on: February 20, 2016, 09:08:16 AM »
Great Beings of Light of Atlantia,
please forgive my trespasses
you are free to Judge my Creation here
You are free to Land here
as the song says:
I shall wait for You on the surface of Gaia

The Atlantean Fleet / Welcome to the Atlantean Fleet section
« on: February 20, 2016, 09:06:16 AM »
Honourable members of the Atlantean Fleet
Now parked above my planet

I wish to thank you all for coming to my little blue planet populated by 152 billion people
I am the Voice of Water which Speaks with the Voice of Thunder until it Breaks the Stone
I am the Praetor of the Great Council of Atlantia

the 35000 fleets with aproximation:) have defeated the Alcorian fleets and Alfardian fleets and all the other fleets of the Alpha 3 M4 spiral galaxy
you have my permission
the permission of the Praetor of the High Council of Ramania to land here on Gaia

please be carefull not to offend the local population
we shall tell the Truth and we shall offer our Tehnologies to all of Them
this is the Last Command of the Great Council of Atlantia

our civilization which spurs over 40 million galaxies and has 67 sextillions Beings may have vanished 2.5 billion years ago
but we are still here...
Great Beings of Light og the Great Council of Atlantia
please feel welcome here
as the song say

Be Welcome

The New World Order / Welcome to the New World Order section
« on: February 20, 2016, 08:59:42 AM »
Dear Illuminati and Templars and members of the Dragon Order,:)
Dear members of the Brotherhood for Human Life or the Great White Brotherhood,
Dear members of the Global Government.

Here is the section for you
here you can register and post all our Global Project problems
I love you all
we shall be united
like Two Eyes in a Single Light
as the song says
you are my Brother I am your Brother
In the two of us
one Soul is beating:)


Politicians / Welcome to the section for Politics:)
« on: February 20, 2016, 08:55:10 AM »
My dear friends
In this section all the world governments and presidents and members of Parliaments can express their opinions
We need to unite all 235 nations of the world but...
we still need them for their culture and their /our 10000 languages..
this planet of mine is a nice Blue planet which with its population of 152 billions is the center of the Universe
it is a galaxy in miniature
in the Alpha3 M4 spiral galaxy
enjoy your stay
feel free to register and post

Technical Problems / Welcome to the Technical section:)
« on: February 20, 2016, 08:52:28 AM »
Here my friends
you can post all the problems related to the technical side of our global story

I shall start:
we need to move the site from HDDs to SSDs because now only 1000 people can visit us per second
SSDs from Fusion-IO or IO-FX can have 9.6 GB of transfers per second
if one I/O=1 KB then we can have 9.6 million people per second...the whole global population of 7 billion humans and 152 billions intelligent beings in total,connected

so I tried to transfer the site to where I bought some VPSes named Zalmoxe and Lumina and Apollo
Zalmoxe has a Cpanel and a 400 GB SSD and 4 cores and 20 GB of Ram:)))
but unfortunately ...I did the transfer 6 times,yes the 6 domains and 37 subdomains got copied but
the apache server at them is very primitive and I dont have the options which I have at
enjoy your stay

Legislation / Welcome to the Legislative Section
« on: February 20, 2016, 08:47:53 AM »
My dear friends
please feel free to register in the top left corner of the screen
and then post polls-Law Projects here
all the general discussion goes into that respective section
Here we are serious in changing the world
and yes,the Illuminati and the NWO are reading this
I hope to unite the world
to make a whole world where all people of all races and colours and species shall be equal and live as one
like john Lennon said in the 1970s:

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