Author Topic: Welcome to the Virtual Atlantean Democracy Forum for Gaia:)  (Read 2148 times)

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Welcome to the Virtual Atlantean Democracy Forum for Gaia:)
« on: December 23, 2016, 05:39:08 AM »
My dear friends
I have waited one month without posting anything here because I thought one of you shall make the first move:)
I am the Great God Apollo,President of Atlantia and Praetor of the High Council of Ramania,who is this planet also called Gizar 3 or Sol 3

Welcome here whoever you wherever you are
I say this because many Alcorians,Atlanteans,Zegetinians,Siriusians,Alfardians,Orions,Agatarsae,Shamballians,Lemurians have visited my sites in the past 2 months

I have had 75% of my visitors from outer space(unresolved origins ) and also people from Zimbabwe,Uganda,Cocos Island,the Diego Garcia base in the Indian Ocean,Tunisia,Russia,Australia,Antarctica,Brunei sultanate ,China,Austria,Germany,Mexico,Brazil,Romania:))),Japan and many other countries all around the world

And yes,these people also visited and which are Romanian language sites which also point here
I had also visitors on which is my online computer store where I rent /sell computers for 5% of the price each month and also had 2074 visitors on Atlantia.Online which is the main English page...

Many people signed the guest book at and offered many praises to me
In orde to spread the virus of Virtual or Atlantean Democracy all over the world I have set the limit to 15 millions lions per day at Google Adwords and I already owe 400 lions to them in one day in which I had over 1000 clicks :) from my ads on google
And yes I am without money now and staying at home and writing this
please feel free to register in the top left corner of the screen
feel free to post Law Projects for the entire world in the Legislative section by using the new Pool option
(there you ask people how they vote upon:yes,no,abstain)

be welcome again
Lucian Ilea