Blue Flower

This Constitution is a work in progress and it is based upon the concept of Virtual Democracy as it was developed in the ame Civilization Call to Power 1 published by Activision in 1996 from which I have inspired myself to build my first Constitution for Ramania in 1999 at and in other places...

Ramania is a free and independent planetary state,member of the Universal Federation of Atlantia

There are 50 billions intelligent individuals located on the planet called Gaia or Geea or Terra or Earth or Gizar 2 in the system called Sol or Gizar ,yellow-white star class G2 in the spiral galaxy called Milky Way or Alpha 3 M 4

These people belong to the following species:humans,dragons,bacteria,plants,sharks,dolphins,whales,horses,cats,wolfes,insects,minerals/crystals,avians/birds,computers/robots and immortals and gnomes and elves


These people have the right to self determination and they have gathered into a Free World based on Virtual Democracy or Total Democracy or Atlantean Democracy based at (the legislativ forum where all can register to vote and propose laws and ways to organize our society)

We shall have the power to elect and change our leaders by voting on the net(secured with 3 passes authentification on the global forum) -this site and the forum are both secured with SSL encryption technology-compatible with 99.3% of all browsers worldwide

if you have technical difficulties,please use firefox or nightly or aurora web browsers...maxthon shall be good to be used too

We shall elect a Global Senate for a period of 5 years and a Global Government for a period of 3 years ,both by voting on the Legislation section of the forum

The Senate shall have 100 members and the Government shall have 10 members

We shall also elect a Global President for a period of 1 year only(renewed 7 times ,not necesarily consecutive terms)

In this way we shall be happy

and Free and Democratic and ready of Sacrifices and we shall have Life and Honour

with love


Lucian Ilea