Blue Flower


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You can find it from today on

this is nice music from a site which no longer exists,only on facebook now...

Also I have uploaded here today hundreds of spiritual songs and movies,check it out:)


My dear friends,

Today I continue to honour my girlfriends and the day of 1st of March by uploading all my videos and films to

here you can create an account for each one of you and upload your own video files

you see that I keep the videos and music and photos separated

the photos are on

enjoy it:)

life is good on Gaia


Lucian Apollo Zalmoxe Lumina:)

can be found at:

as you know I am the Great God Apollo

master of Philosophy and Arts:)

I like beautifull ,gorgeous films,movies,pictures,images,you name it

everything that is True Art

everything that is a Masterpiece

like Trey Radcliff photos:)

enjoy them my friends