Blue Flower

Welcome My Dear Friends,

From this humble site we shall change the world!

 please use the new virtual coins:)


We are 7 billion humans on this blue planet called Terra or Gaia or Geea or Earth and more than 50 billions intelligent beings belonging to other species like the unicelullar beings from Agartha and Shamballa,the plants of Akasha civilization and the Lirr ,Muur and Suul'Ka civilizations of deep oceans

It is said that 2/3rds of this great population who can inhabit a whole galaxy or a small universe...dont have access to the internet:

However the tells us a different story:more than half of the current population of Earth has access to the net


So we can proceed like in Atlantia to implement the Virtual Democracy system:we shall have a Global Senate ,a Global Government but those shall be regulated by the people who shall vote the laws and the organization of the global society on this forum on this site: ,on the net my friends

because the internet is everything now in the Genetic Age(you have to play Civilization Call to power 1 to understand this:)))


Do you know that oceans cover 77% of the surface of my world and the earth where humans and dragons dwell covers only 23%?

well..we shall now access and unite all the internal and external surface of this blue planet...the Agartha and Shamballa civilizations inside the Earth with the civilizations living on the outer shell of my planet

which I have built in 4.3 billion years,my friends

I have installed the Free Virtual Democracy Forum for the entire Planet called Ramania-who is a Planetary State of the Universal Civilization of  Atlantia, Sovereign and Independent...




There you can Propose and Vote upon the Laws of this United World

for we shall make a Democratic New World Order

or upon the Organization of Our society

I shall move the site to SSDs once the first million visitors visit this democratic site


bon voyage


Lucian Ilea